This is a hazard to your health.


I need to talk to Lester in private.


I want to drink cashew juice.

I want you to wash the car.

Chet introduced his sister to me.

The sad story made my heart ache.

The fine arts flourished in Italy in the 15th century.

I email my pen pal every Saturday.

The enemy's attack ceased at dawn.

I think maybe that's all you have to do.

The sick boy is in a critical condition.

You're working hard today.

I haven't seen her in ages.

Teri's home burned down in 2013.

Rain, rain, go away. / Come again another day.

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I think it's not a good idea to let children drink wine.

You think Fay is too old for me, don't you?

Cease-fire talks concluded without progress Thursday.

Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute.

There are eight gluons. Six--modulo superposition--are sensible color-anticolor color swappers. The other two are fathomless mixtures that can only be described as the remaining linearly independent elements of the group of three-by-three complex unitary matrices with determinant one.

The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately. One step above the sublime makes the ridiculous, and one step above the ridiculous makes the sublime again.

The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.


My mother called me.


You're wet through.


He's artsy.

They saw themselves in the mirror.

You gave the documents to the wrong person.

Pete isn't Johnnie's cousin.

How long has Pilot been around?


The world rests on the back of a great turtle.


I don't tend to look back and regret what I've done.


You don't know anything about Shaw, do you?

When he saw the policeman, he ran away.

Just let me get my thoughts in order.

Clare'll change.

Do you have any rock CDs?

Generous people make for bad merchants.

You're a good journalist.


Catch as catch can.

An artist must have an eye for color.

I need medicine to lessen the pain.

Children should only speak when they're spoken to.

This is their place.

Alone in this world I'll be.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of him.

Naomi was unable to concentrate.

You hate insects, don't you?


He is the first to come and the last to leave at any party.

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There were many things that bothered me about that contract.


These clothes are finally dry.

World history is required for graduation.

Do you think it's safe to do that?

Chechens have inclinations towards independence.

You can't go putting your values on people's work!

Susan babysat John and Christophe's children yesterday evening.

I intend to eat the apple.


The storm prevented her from arriving on time.

I've accused you unfairly. I am sorry.

It happened one morning that she met him on the street.

Smog hung over Tokyo.

He's run off ten pounds.

I chuckled.

If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were.

It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

Do you think we should get involved?

I don't do anything.

Sanford spent all his money on a car just to impress girls.

He died in my arms.

I agree with most of you.

I thought you wanted to learn to speak French.

He sent his son out to get the newspaper.

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He got up quickly, splashed cold water on his face, brushed his teeth and shaved.


She was somehow incensed against me.

I'll find out if Susan wants to go.

Craig likes me the most.

Benson wants to borrow your car.

She likes to dress up as a nurse.

I remember that place.

The joint in my left elbow hurts.

Rajesh had to go home early today.

I need everything on this list.

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Many students have a car of their own nowadays.

I really want this.

I asked Hugh if he understood.

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We are getting on first-rate.

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It is difficult to speak three languages.

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Everybody arrived dressed in their smartest clothes.

Thank you for amending that mistake.

Donna will quit on Monday.

He doesn't even know my name.

She was buried in her hometown.

I've already told him this a thousand times.

Linder was unable to restrain himself.

This won't burn.

That's what worrying me.


A Mr Smith came while you were out.

The same thing happened three years ago in Boston.

How about taking a walk with us?

I'll reconsider the matter.

I'll continue here as long as I can.


Do you need a ride?

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Shannon sat next to Gil at the piano.


Did you give him up?


His story of the collision agrees with mine.

It was not clear what she really meant.

Gigi is one of the richest guys I've ever met.


He promised not to be late again.


We haven't touched anything.


It was a miserable day for a walk.

Open your mouth wide.

The families of the factory workers need schools, hospitals, and stores, so more people come to live in the area to provide these services, and thus a city grows.

Leon is never in a hurry.

Do these ladies speak French?


As far as I know, he won't come.

He was admitted to the engineering school.

Becky will be out of the office until next Monday.


He sometimes ate out with his family.

I'm sick of English.

All but for he are here.

Let me tell you a secret about how things work around here.

Why do we need it?

To say that she had two left legs, and somebody else's arms, and that all four limbs seemed to be out of joint, and to start from perfectly wrong places when they were set in motion, is to offer the mildest outline of the reality.

I had to stay behind to help Kari.

The rules were recently relaxed.

In my opinion, soccer is a great sport.


How many spectators were there at the stadium?


Don't step on that, it'll explode!


I can't get this lock opened.

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It sounds strange.

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Andy looks like he's really concentrating on it.

Bernard is very scrawny and wouldn't be able to fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

She is consistent in her opinions.

Suresh and Naomi were both sleepy.

Dennis is smarter than most girls her age.

He is very busy writing to his friends.

I plucked up the courage and confessed that it was all my fault.

Stevan led the guests into the living room.

Tai doesn't know if Scot is busy or not.


We're friends.

I'd like to ease Larry's pain.

I will make use of this opportunity.

I still have a scar on my left leg from a car accident I was in when I was thirteen years old.

The population is dying off.

Julie is no good for you.

Do you remember the first time we spoke to each other?

We should so act that we shall have nothing to regret.

I didn't look at Kevin.

She kept her sorrow in her bosom.

One who wakes up late, for him, there may not be enough bread.

To my dismay, he was caught cheating in the examination.

We ourselves decorated the room.

He is far in advance of the other students.

Mayuko called me back.

Mr Smith is poor but he has seen better days.

Visualization, a favorite tool of the psychologist, cannot solve all problems, but many so-called positive thinkers seem to think that it can.


Dan climbed on top of a train.

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Girls are strange sometimes.

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This is the tallest scaffolding I've ever seen in my life.

Kikki lived alone in a small cabin.

The earthquake brought about disaster.